We are in the business of working with the best artists and companies in the world, we just happen to make films.
Innovative Los Angeles-based Director Bailey Kobe first partnered with dynamic French Producer Frédéric Imbert as classmates at The University of Southern California’s prestigious Peter Stark Cinema Program.
Having worked for an impressive list of top companies: New Line Cinema, Universal Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films Imagine Entertainment, Europa Corp, Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and International Creative Management who have gone on to form much of William Morris Endeavor, they formed a company that is founded on their common love of fine arts and leading-edge technology filmmaking.
They immediately struck gold as one of the first DSLR success stories, using photo cameras to film #1 music videos for French icon Marc Lavoine, in collaboration with fine arts photographer Mona Kuhn. More videos followed…
The team was a natural to produce high-end commercials for luxury retailers: such as Louis Vuitton, Carolina Herrera, and Citroën; as well as high tech firms such as Google, Microsoft xBox and Ubisoft.
With a strong foundation in high-end execution, the duo have tuned their sights to include equally prestigious NARRATIVE PROJECTS, setting up studio films and television projects including one with a recent Oscar Nominated writer at Universal Pictures, and several high profile independent features and pilots.